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Kumihimo Czech Glass Necklace


Kumihimo is a method of Japanese braiding using various types of stringing material, often combined with beads to make exceptional jewelry. The term Kumihimo in Japanese means the gathering of threads. This technique involves using different types of looms to achieve different types of braids.

Czech Glass

Czech Glass beads are one of the oldest types of Czech beads, dating back over 300 years. Celtic craftsmen began to produce the first glass beads in Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. These beads were of great value for trade and personal ornamentation. Pressed glass beads are formed by pressing a heated glass rod into a mold.

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Czech Glass, Hand Crafted, Kumihimo, Magnetic Clasp, Necklace 18-inch, Rhinestone Clasp, Swirl


Gold, Topaz




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